Using SEO and PPC to maximize traffic and Website conversions

Use SEO and PPC to generate traffic and conversions

With constant changes in search engines algorithms, digital marketing teams must match up and develop methods to maximize Website traffic and conversions through SEO and PPC. Neglecting these areas leads to poor campaigns and dismal performance. A sound strategic digital marketing campaign involves combining Search Optimization Engine (SEO) and Pay per Click (PPC). The strategy has been described by experts as not just necessary but also a sound approach for maximizing traffic and website conversions. Combining the two, allows identification of critical data points which are dedicated to behavior, attitudes and the location of a consumer. Here are four benefits through which a business will gain by using the two strategies together.


Using SEO and PPC together increases exposure in results pages. Once this has been achieved, do not be tempted to decrease PPC as this is bound to have some impact on your digital campaign. When a website has both organic and paid search results, there are high chances of increased traffic and web conversions. It also gives an impression that the business is highly established in the market. These two strategies also ensure that social media visibility increases, they help in targeting a particular audience as well as refining the entire SEO strategy.

A chance to share keyword data

Running SEO and PPC together gives the strategist double the data for analyzing; with this there is a need to establish the keywords which can give the highest conversion rate and use them for the purposes of optimizing the overall strategy. This means that you don’t have to create content for both, saving you time and the cost of content creation.

PPC indicates what works

What will work for SEO often yields similar results for PPC. When you establish which ads will give the highest figures in terms of conversion you will be in a better position to create tags and meta descriptions as well as page content which needs to be ranked organically. Using PPC you will get immediate results, giving you an indication of what is working. This provides valuable information on the customer’s habits and needs making a digital marketing campaign more focused.

Response to negative content

It’s not unusual online when someone posts a negative review or basically says something which can affect your business adversely. This will happen, and when it does a combined effort of SEO and PPC can be a great tool for damage control. Just like achieving visibility, the strategies which guide the conversation effectively require controlling PPC and SEO results in a given direction. For example, a business may have been negatively portrayed and if you use the negative keywords which show that the company is doing something towards addressing the issues mentioned, this will ensure that PPC ads will be on the top of the list allowing you to tell your side of the story and perhaps water down the negativity.

Taking these considerations while designing a WordPress website, Shopify website or any other type of Website will give you an advantage. It will not only give the strategist or a business an upper hand but will also boost the digital campaign to a level that yields the desired results. As indicated earlier, you should not remove one, especially PPC just because it may have started to show better results. Both should be used together for a considerable time for sustainable search results.

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